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Becoming a Faculty Member

Bellevue University faculty engage learners in experiences that develop expertise in ways that make a difference in personal and professional lives. Faculty comment that they learn from their students as well as from the teaching experience – It is an exciting way to develop professional expertise. The following are a few of the comments provided by our full and part–time faculty:

  • They are able to gain more knowledge in their own expertise by challenging students in their learning experience.
  • They are able to enhance their network through their relationships with other faculty and professionals in their field.
  • They feel a sense of satisfaction by working closely with traditional and non-traditional students in an environment of higher learning.

Bellevue University hires faculty who:

  • Are committed to adult learners
  • Understand that higher level learning comes from applying theory to solving real problems
  • Have significant work experience to draw on in the classroom environment
  • Are passionate about quality in academics and responsiveness to students

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