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My learning experience was valuable to me in the sense that I was able to apply real world application to my learning. There were countless times in both degree programs where I was able to apply what I was learning to my life.

Kirk D. S.
Shakopee, MN
Criminal Justice

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Systems and Network Administration Degree - Bachelor of Science

Degree Overview

SNAP is designed to cross-train a variety of IT specialties to competency in Microsoft® and Unix systems administration and network administration. If you successfully complete SNAP, you will gain 36 semester hours of credit and satisfy the, major, upper level and in-residence requirements for a Computer Information Systems Networking degree. You also need to satisfy the General Education Core Curriculum, Signature Series requirement, and overall degree requirements to graduate. You can use transfer credit to satisfy general education and degree requirements that are outside of the major. For the most up to date information or for questions, please visit

Foundation Requirements

A candidate for SNAP must have, through formal course work or experience, an understanding of the basic concepts, components, functions, tools and processes that form computer information systems. In addition, the candidate must have basic Office Productivity software experience including using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet Explorer.

Computer Requirements:

Students will require the capability to run several different operating system configurations during the SNAP program. This can be done using a spare computer or one that is capable of virtualization. For a spare computer, the minimum specifications are:

  • A minimum of an Intel or AMD 32 Bit P4 generation CPU that has a 1 GHz or faster clock speed . (64 bit processors are
  • 512 megabytes of RAM or more (1GByte recommended)
  • At least a 80 GByte hard drive that can be erased and reloaded
  • DVD/CD Rom reader
  • Network interface card
  • Monitor (any type)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

For virtualization, the host computer should have at least 2GBytes of RAM and 200 GBytes of free space on the hard drive.

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