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After deciding what my major was, I did a lot of research online. Bellevue University seemed to offer a respectable program that didn't fall into your typical "online degree" category. Bellevue University's program was affordable, intense, fast-paced and very rewarding. I'm glad I did it.

Calneta B.
Cibolo, TX
Management of Human Resources

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Sociology Degree - Bachelor of Arts

Degree Overview

Sociology is the discipline that studies society using a scientific perspective. Sociology helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our social world. The study of sociology promotes understanding and tolerance by enabling each of us to look beyond intuition, common sense, or our personal experiences. You may elect to go on to graduate studies in sociology, social work, counseling, criminal justice, gerontology, human services, or public administration. If you seek employment immediately after graduation, you will likely be successful working in child protective services, law enforcement, aging/gerontology, community youth programs, corrections and probation, spouse abuse programs, and personnel management in business and government.

The internship program allows you job experience in fields including adult or juvenile justice, aging/senior citizens programs, urban planning, spouse and child abuse shelters, and community mental health programs. See HS 460 Internship.

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