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Marketing Management Degree Empowers Alum

Few things are more empowering than completing a bachelor’s degree. When I graduated, I felt like I was unstoppable. It’s amazing how one accomplishment can open up doors to much greater accomplishments!

Ginny Townsend
Rocklin, CA
Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management

Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at Bamboo Creative

Marketing Management Degree - Bachelor of Science

Marketing Management Degree (BS)

Degree Overview

This accelerated degree program in Marketing Management is designed to provide a foundation of professional skills needed to become a successful global business manager. This marketing program in the accelerated, cohort based format emphasizes the techniques and methods of managing and planning for marketing. Students proceed through the curriculum in a planned sequence that culminates with the development of a marketing plan. The program focuses on proven practices and application of theory covering research, the nature of consumers, sales management, advertising, quality management, law, and ethics in the marketing environment.

Prerequisites for the College of Business' Marketing Management Accelerated Cohort Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

Bellevue University's College of Business offers Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs for working adult students, those with past employment history or those with significant volunteer experience who have completed an associate's degree or a minimum of 60 semester hours of transferable credit from regionally accredited institutions of higher education.

The accelerated nature of the degree presumes that students have organizational life experiences that can be applied to their studies. This allows for application-based instructor to student interaction and a student's contribution to peer-to-peer learning.

Prior to beginning the cohort-based major, you need to:

  • Possess an associate's degree, or 60 semester hours completed with a grade of "C-" or higher from an accredited institution of higher learning. Please submit copies of official transcripts.
  • Be currently employed, have a past employment history or have significant volunteer experience (such as serving on a not-for-profit Board of Directors or serving as an officer of a volunteer organization for a period of years) where the academic content of the major can be applied; and
  • Submit an Application for Admission, completed, signed, and accompanied by the $50 processing fee

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