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The professors provided support to me when I needed assistance, and they worked with me to outline my professional goals.

Ralph A. K.
Omaha, NE
Master of Business Administration

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Investigations Degree - Bachelor of Science


Major Requirements (40 credit hours)

(Click a course name below to view course details). All courses are 4 credit hours.

  • LA 300 Foundations for Professional Success

    This course prepares students for success in their academic and professional careers. The foundation for learning is established for professional skill development through practical experience with the University’s four essential learning outcomes - communication, problem solving, collaboration, and citizenship. Learner strengths are assessed and analytical, relational, and resilience skills are developed.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 305 Theory and Practice of Investigations

    This course will provide a foundation and overview of the diverse field of investigations. The focus of the course will be on the investigative process and concepts and theories in investigations.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 315 The American Criminal and Civil Legal Systems

    This course will provide an examination of the Constitutional underpinnings of criminal and civil law as it applies to the field of investigations. Special focus will be devoted to an overview of the American court system, specific elements of crime, the operation of civil jurisprudence, and a review of the policies and procedures that influence law in America.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 325 Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Investigations

    This course will address ethical issues in investigations at both the theoretical and applied levels. Special emphasis will be given to an examination of the relationship between ethical principles, moral and normative judgments.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 335 Information Gathering and Case Management

    This course will examine basic methods of investigation, information acquisition, and managing and prioritizing caseloads. Particular attention will be paid to database and record-searching, interviewing and interrogating, note taking and report writing, using logic and scientific methodology in investigations and case management approaches.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 345 The Criminal Mind

    This course will focus on behavioral analysis and criminal offenders. Special focus will be devoted to forensic psychology, criminal behavior rationalization, deviant behavior, and crime causation theories.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 405 Crime Scenes, Clues, Forensics and Evidence

    This course will cover the investigative process as it relates to crime scenes and evidence processing. Rules of evidence, types of evidence including latent fingerprints, fibers and other trace particle, firearms, tool marks, bloodstain patterns and DNA analysis will be emphasized.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 415 Investigating Crimes Against Property and the Private Sector

    This course will examine the roles, responsibilities, and strategies of the professional in conducting investigations into crimes against property as well as the personal attributes of the private sector investigator. Investigations into the crimes of burglary, auto theft, fraud, and identity theft will be the focus, as well as private sector investigations into harassment, discrimination, and threats of violence in the workplace, workers’ compensation, asset protection, loss prevention, employee background checks, and theft of intellectual property.
    University Syllabus

  • INVS 425 Investigating Crimes Against Persons

    This course will examine the roles, responsibilities, and strategies of the Federal, State, and Local law enforcement personnel responsible for conducting criminal investigations into crimes perpetrated directly against individuals. Areas of focus will include the investigations into homicide, sexual assault, robbery, child abuse, and domestic violence.

  • INVS 435 Investigating Public Order Crimes

    This course will examine the roles, responsibilities, and strategies of the Federal, State, and Local law enforcement personnel responsible for conducting criminal investigations into crimes against society. Areas of focus will include narcotics trafficking, prostitution, hate crimes, terrorism, and other prevalent public order crimes.
    University Syllabus

Kirkpatrick Signature Series Requirements (9 credit hours)

(In addition to the Major Requirements, all Bellevue University students must complete the Kirkpatrick Signature Series)

  • LA 400 American Vision and Values

    Focuses on the political and philosophical traditions of the western world, especially as they are found in the American vision and embedded in the values, traditions, documents, and institutions of the United States.
    University Syllabus

  • LA 410 Tradition and Change

    Begins with world traditions and investigates how social, economic, intellectual, and moral forces of change act against them. The course focuses on the tensions between tradition and change in the production of intellectual, social, and cultural progress. The course emphasizes intense student involvement in a comprehensive learning experience, culminating in a formal written thesis that confronts the values of limited government, popular rule, entrepreneurial processes, and reflective inquiry.
    University Syllabus

  • LA 420 Freedom and Responsibility

    Focuses on the institutions and traditions of Western civilization that are found at the core of American democracy. Central focus is on the balanced relationship between freedom and the responsibilities involved in the ongoing maintenance of freedom in a just and productive society.
    University Syllabus

Students applying for professional license or certification should verify the University’s offerings meet the requirements with the professional organization.

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