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Alberto P.
Omaha, NE
Master of Arts in Leadership

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Health Science Degree - Bachelor of Arts

Degree Overview

Healthcare is a rapidly growing field with a wide variety of opportunities for career advancement in clinician and management roles. The Bellevue University Bachelor of Arts in Health Science integrates multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of health, illness, and prevention strategies for communities. The degree offers flexible pathways for you to hone knowledge and critical thinking skills as related to the science of health and illness, prevention strategies for life, and the active engagement of self-care and community outreach. One of the pathways prepares students for the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) in recognition of opportunities to serve the growing elder population.

Learning Outcomes

The Bellevue University Bachelor of Arts in Health Science will enable you to:

  • Transfer scientific principles to healthcare applications
  • Apply scientific methods to problems encountered in the context of practioner care and assessment
  • Evaluate the validity and limitations of scientific theories applied in healthcare management and delivery
  • Demonstrate communication and teamwork skills relevant to clinical practice contexts
  • Analyze healthcare issues and policies from the ethical, sociological, and psychological impact on patients and families

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