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Digital Marketing Degree - Bachelor of Science

Degree Overview

Digital Marketing is a rapidly expanding field, and organizations need employees that can operate effectively and carry them forward. If you’re looking for the cutting-edge, broad-based knowledge and skills needed to secure a job in the field of digital marketing, choose Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing.

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing will prepare you to use digital technologies, social media, and mobile devices to develop and implement contemporary marketing programs within any type of organization. Unique to Bellevue University, in this program you will learn using the technology that you will utilize in your career, increasing your confidence and your ability to step into the digital world. In addition, you will learn to make tactical and strategic decisions using social computing, enterprise intelligence, SEO/SEM, analytics, marketing databases, and pop culture trends.

The Digital Marketing degree is designed with a performance-based approach to help ensure you develop the essential skills employers expect. These skills will prepare you to communicate effectively, build collaboration, make informed decisions, and use problem solving strategies to develop and evaluate solutions. You will master one topic before moving on to the next, and at the end of your program you will have a portfolio of work that demonstrates your abilities to potential employers. Built for busy, highly motivated people, this program is extremely flexible. Classes start every month, you will not be required to purchase textbooks, and the entire program is fully mobile so you can learn while you’re on the go.

Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the digital marketing workforce, or to move up in your existing digital career path.

Specifically, you will:

  • Apply problem-solving techniques to develop creative solutions in the digital environment.
  • Use digital technology to engage with diverse audiences.
  • Understand the legal requirements and ethics associated with marketing.
  • Monitor and evaluate trends to identify emerging digital technologies.
  • Use the principles of project management to work collaboratively when implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Design and develop metrics for results analysis.
  • Develop and implement effective digital marketing campaigns based on relevant and current technological capabilities.

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