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Business Enterprise and Essential Management Skills degree - Bachelor of Business Administration

This is not business as usual.

Offered in Bellevue University's Flexxive® learning format, the Bachelor of Business Administration — Business Enterprise and Essential Management Skills degree is constructed to help you develop knowledge and experience in essential business elements such as accounting, operations analysis, human resources, marketing, business law, and applied research.

Within this program, your practical skills will be reinforced with a framework of courses that will sharpen your communication, critical thinking and problem solving abilities to prepare you to be an effective and valued decision-maker in any business.

Aimed at independent, motivated learners, Flexxive is designed so you can progress at your own pace while still getting the support you need to be successful. You will be able to move quickly through topics in which you are already fluent and spend more time on less familiar topics. It's learning that ensures you truly understand and master the knowledge and skills you'll need to advance in the workplace.

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