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I can say from first-hand experience that Bellevue University keeps up with the cutting edge technology that is in the education system today.

Rebecca Lyn W.
Omaha, NE
Marketing Management

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Art Management Degree - Bachelor of Arts

Degree Overview

Art courses stimulate your ability to think and appreciate life creatively through knowledge of the arts. Whether accomplished through art history or studio work, it is an essential part of your development. The study of art directs you from an existence based purely on the practical and utilitarian, and offers enriching experiences with their own intrinsic values.

Art history provides an analysis of our cultural heritage; the history of art is the history of humanity. Studio work develops skills and critical insights necessary to communicate feelings, visions, and values through art. The Art faculty members have a diverse range of expertise and knowledge in contemporary and traditional approaches to a wide variety of media. In the studio, faculty members recognize and encourage individual differences by working with you on an individual basis. Art Management links business and management courses with a broad curriculum of studio art and art history. This major, which includes an internship, prepares you for careers in art-related institutions.

To complement the course offerings, there is an art gallery that exhibits the work of students, faculty and professional artists. Note: All studio courses require material fees. Additional supplies are your responsibility.

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