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Besides absorbing a ton of current information to apply in my job even today, I expanded my network of contacts beyond my cubicle walls. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Bruin.

John D.
Bellevue, NE
Computer Information Systems

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Ph.D. in Human Capital Management (PHD)

Learn how to implement leading-edge practices that effectively link learning to corporate performance. Only Bellevue University offers this rich and relevant Ph.D. program that:

  • Reflects knowledge and practice that is contemporary, enterprise-focused, driven, and practical.
  • Is flexible – allowing you to complete independent modules on key topics.
  • Is based on the knowledge being created by faculty, students and research partners, all whom share an interest and see the issues associated with Human Capital Management.
  • Embeds classroom assignments and projects into your professional life and organizational context.

Four distinct learning modules deliver deep, targeted insight.

Learn more about Bellevue University's Ph.D. in Human Capital Management

This flexible program is divided into four modules concentrating on specific processes and concepts to provide you a rich understanding of how human capital is created, shaped, and deployed for organizational success.

  • Strategic Human Capital Management and Productivity
  • Linking Human Capital to Organizational Outcomes
  • Human Capital Leadership and Introduction to Measurement
  • Measuring, Analyzing, and Assessing Human Capital Effectiveness

Earn graduate level certificates for each module.

Students applying for professional license or certification should verify the University’s offerings meet the requirements with the professional organization.

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