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The professors were well championed in their abilities to teach and if there were any problems they were dealt with very professionally, tactfully, and urgently. I would recommend Bellevue University to anyone I talk to.

Alberto P.
Omaha, NE
Master of Arts in Leadership

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Women's Studies (Minor)

Degree Overview

The minor in Women's Studies enables you to develop an understanding of women in society in the past, present, and future from a multidisciplinary perspective, by focusing on women's experiences. The area of Women's Studies creates a new opportunity in the education of women and men, an opportunity to round out our understanding of human beings by exploring the other half of the human experience. You can apply your knowledge of gender issues not only in your daily life, but also to help understand how gender impacts behavior and decisions in work settings.

Choosing a minor in Women's Studies will well qualify you to work in areas such as human resources or EEOC settings, as well as the human services.

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