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Paul W.
Irvine, CA
Business Information Management

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Sociology (Minor)

Degree Overview

The Sociology minor provides students majoring in other disiplines with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a radically changing and diverse interpersonal environment. It offers students the opportunity to fit information from their disciplines within a large social framework. The minor gives students the ability to understand the complexities of today's society by examining human behavior, social actions, and potential global consequences. In examining how social structures (such as work, health, race, the family, religion, ect.) help shape social rules, processes, and agency, students gain a better understanding of the entirety of today's world-from poverty, to gender, to race, to orginizational behavior, to politics, to conflict. In studying these issues, students lern to develop critical reasoning, analytical writing, and problem-solving skills while applying sociological theories to explain a wide range of social phenomena.

A minor in socialogy is particularly appropriate for students in professional programs such as psychology, leadership, criminal justice, human services, and security management. Such a minor is also an excellent complement for liberal arts students who are majoring in history, comminication, business, management, and international security and intelligence studies. The sociology minor allows students to explore a wide range of topics to fit their own interests.

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