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Psychology (Minor)


Psychology Minor Requirements (19 credit hours)

Required courses: (6 credit hours)

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  • PY 101 Introduction to Psychology

    This course is an introduction to the scientific foundations of the study of behavior and a survey of basic topics of psychology such as sensation and perception, the brain and nervous system, learning and memory, language and thinking, intelligence, motivation, emotions, personality, development, stress, and abnormal behavior. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in Psychology except PY 200, PY 211, PY 222 and PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240.
    University Syllabus

  • PY 353 Introduction to Psychological Research

    This course is an examination of research design issues in psychology and related disciplines with emphasis on accurate reading of published articles. Students write a research proposal including a literature review, an operationally stated hypothesis, and data gathering procedures. Students continuing on to PY 354 Experimental Psychology may carry out their research proposals. Enhancements for PY 353 provide instruction in American Psychological Association manuscript style. Prerequisites: PY 101 and PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240 (PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240 may be concurrent)
    University Syllabus

Plus one of the following courses:

  • PY 301 Personality Theory

    This course covers major psychodynamic, behaviorist, trait, humanist, and cognitive theories of personality. Situational and biological influences, traits and cognition, life stories, psychobiography, and other contemporary issues are discussed. Application of personality theory to the understanding of individual lives is encouraged. Prerequisite: PY 101
    University Syllabus

  • PY 320 Human Memory and Cognition

    This course addresses the ways in which people gain knowledge about their world and about self. Topics covered include memory and forgetting, language, thought processes, and creativity. Prerequisite: PY 101
    University Syllabus

  • PY 368 Learning Theory

    This course emphasizes the development of theoretical approaches to learning, as well as applications of behavioral learning principles in applied contexts. The principles of classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, and social learning theory will be investigated in the course. The course will also present how learning principles are used in such areas as child management, interpersonal communication, and self-control. Prerequisite: PY 101
    University Syllabus

  • PY 371 Biological Psychology

    This course is a study of biological influences on human behavior and mental processes. Includes a survey of brain and nervous system anatomy and how researchers learn about functions of these systems in relation to behavior. Emphasis is on normal development, adaptation, and learning but a variety of syndromes and problems are also included. Study of Biology or Anatomy and Physiology are helpful but not required. Prerequisite: PY 101
    University Syllabus

  • SO 345 Social Psychology

    This course examines psychological and sociological principles that affect the behavior of individuals as members of groups. Representative topics include the biological foundations of behavior, prejudice, culture and personality, leadership, small group interaction, crowd behavior, mass media, childhood, adolescence and old age. Prerequisites: SO 101 and PY 101, or written permission of the instructor.
    University Syllabus

In addition, three more psychology courses (of which 3 credit hours must be at 300- 400-level)

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