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Alberto P.
Omaha, NE
Master of Arts in Leadership

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Communication Arts (Minor)


Minor Requirements (18 credit hours)

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  • CA 109 Oral Communication Skills

    This course will help the student develop and apply the skills necessary to design and deliver an effective and well organized speech. The course provides instruction in the preparation and delivery of informative and persuasive speeches. The course develops competencies in the areas of critical thinking, organization of thought, creativity, planning and organizing, and public speaking.
    Course Syllabus

  • CA 208 Critical Thinking and Communication

    Introduces models and theories to develop and apply critical thinking skills needed for effective communication in work, social, and personal areas of life. Presents terminology, techniques, and communication processes to enhance cognition and improve communication skills. Competencies in the areas of argumentation, reasoning, persuasion, and critical thinking are addressed.
    Course Syllabus

  • CA 309 Communication: Putting Theory into Practice

    Provides a wide range of communication theories with a special emphasis on direct application. Introduces models/concepts designed to improve communication skills in a variety of contexts and communication environments. Competencies in the areas of relationship development, listening, socialization, cognitive processing, reducing uncertainty, and dealing with conflict are addressed. Prerequisite: CA 109
    Course Syllabus

Select 3 additional Communication Arts courses (9 credit hours) to complete the minor requirements; total must include 9 credit hours of upper-level Communication Arts courses.

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