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Strategic Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Degree Overview

Today’s businesses face unrelenting markets and unprecedented rates of change. Executives, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs must expertly navigate the challenges to achieve transformational results for their organizations.

Bellevue University’s Strategic Master of Business Administration (SMBA) is a performance-oriented MBA that emphasizes business and organization value creation. This 36 credit hour degree provides tangible outcomes to help you excel in such areas as analyzing markets and industries, challenging competitors, creating customer value while preserving loyalty, and sustaining capital and cash flow. These outcomes are integrated with crucial business skills, including creative and quantitative problem solving, decision-making, effective communication, and building trust relationships.

Learning Outcomes

The Strategic MBA will prepare you to:

  • Use current and predicted market conditions to create, enhance, or exit a business.
  • Research competitor market, product, and service value propositions and devise strategies and tactics to compete successfully.
  • Integrate inter and intra-personal communication and trust-building techniques to forge teams, partners, and alliances to achieve sustained market goals.
  • Envision market and organizational-based success and use vision maps to craft strategies, tactics, and operations that propel success.
  • Develop data, analysis, and courses of actions that make problem solving, decision-making, and sound judgments possible.
  • Solve market and organization-based problems through creativity.
  • Develop the value chain of an organization and measure value for customers. Determine how customer value creates cash-flows back to an organization from the value chain.
  • Establish personal and organizational values -- behaviors, patterns of actions, and imperatives -- that engender trust, respect, and passionate collaboration.
  • Communicate and market an organization's value proposition through social, mediated, and direct means.
  • Craft and manage an integrated capital strategy: intellectual, human, financial, physical, and structural.

Career Opportunities

The Strategic Master of Business Administration is designed for:

  • Executives in organizations who need strong strategic skills and performance abilities.
  • Mid-level professionals and leaders who require performance abilities beyond foundation or organizational levels to create value (directors, managers, top-tier professionals).
  • Engineers, scientists, and executives well-grounded in business fundamentals who require a strategic ability with a value-development orientation.
  • Business owners who need to be able to price, budget, and make strategic decisions.
  • Professionals who want a knowledge, skills, and performance bridge between business tactics and operations, and strategic business value creation.

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