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The participatory nature of the online classes really helped me to develop a deep understanding of the material covered in all of the courses. Classmates shared how the subject matter was applied in their careers which gave real meaning to all of the information learned.

Brandon K.
Burlington, IA
Master of Business Administration

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Organizational Performance Degree - Master of Science

Degree Overview

Do you want to learn how you can play a key role in tweaking or tuning up your organization?

The Master of Science in Organizational Performance program will prepare you to meet the fluctuating roles and demands of your workplace by showing you how to be an effective facilitator of performance improvement initiatives, organizational development projects, and change management.

You'll be asking and answering questions such as...

  • How do I approach performance improvement initiatives within my organization?
  • How do I work with different kinds of personalities?
  • How can I set up processes that help my employees to succeed?

There are no additional costs for textbooks in this program. All of the course materials will be provided free of charge. Assignments will be available at the beginning of each course, so you can work ahead and complete your homework as your schedule allows.

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