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Leadership and Coaching Degree - Master of Science

Degree Overview

There is a demand for talented leaders to guide change and create dynamic organizational cultures for a competitive workplace. The Bellevue University Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching is designed to help you master and apply the knowledge and skills necessary for success in an advanced leadership role. During your coursework, you will perform the critique and application of leadership theories, advanced organizational behavior, team dynamics and strategic leadership. A special focus will be placed on interpersonal engagement, how to communicate effectively and succinctly, and how to coach effectively to generate and implement creative solutions.

Learning Outcomes

The Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching will prepare you to be a confident, respected leader. You will master a unique blend of skills, including how to influence others and positively impact the performance of an organization. You will graduate as an informed leadership practitioner who can effectively apply the latest research and proven best practices to increase employee engagement, retention and productivity. The Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching will prepare you to lead a large corporation or to coach and consult on an individual or organizational basis. The Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching will help enable you to do the following:

  • Critique the most relevant leadership theories and research, and apply them to individuals, groups or organizations.
  • Diagnose challenges and recommend leadership strategies for improved individual, group or organizational performance.
  • Demonstrate competency in coaching and communication.
  • Earn a Bellevue University Certificate of Completion in Executive Coaching, and be prepared to complete a certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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