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Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Degree - Master of Professional Science

Degree Overview

You already have the science and technology background; now it’s time to put your ideas in motion with a Master of Professional Science in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree that puts you directly in front of investors.

This program is designed to teach students how to translate scientific and technological research and development into successful innovations. This degree will help you gain a competitive edge within your company, get promoted, or market your own innovation.

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You’ll learn business concepts such as:

  • The Fundamentals of Economics
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Plan Communication
    and Presentation
  • Acquiring Financial Support
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues

In addition to these topics, there will also be two virtual residencies. The residencies will help you build a network of professionals who can give you advice. And, together with a mentor, you’ll develop a portfolio of work within one of the following areas of industry growth: biosciences, cybersciences, or bioinformatics. Upon graduation, your portfolio will be the proof you need join or rejoin the workforce as an innovator and leader that can recognize emerging science or technology innovations. You’ll have the vision and skills you need to turn promising inventions into economically valuable solutions.

If you’re ready to turn your promising invention into a valuable solution, start a sustainable venture, or innovate within an existing business; this is the program for you.

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