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I owe a great deal to the foundation I received from my professors and my classmates from BU. I know it set the stage for my success I had in graduate school and securing my current position.

Keith W. M.
Tucson, AZ
Management Information Systems

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Human Services Degree - Master of Science

Degree Overview

(48 credit hours)

Candidates for graduate programs in Human Services must satisfy prerequisite requirements of 6 credit hours in in the behavioral sciences and 3 credit hours in elementary statistics.

The Master of Science Degree is offered in two options: a 48-credit hour Human Services program for those interested in obtaining the provisional LMHP (Nebraska) or equivalent licensure as a mental health practitioner; and a 60- credit hour Clinical Counseling program for those interested in obtaining the provisional LIMHP (Nebraska) or equivalent licensure as an “independent” mental health practitioner. The 60-credit hour option affords graduates the opportunity to gain supervision for treating major mental disorders (as defined by regulations).

Both the 48 and 60-credit hour programs require a professional growth portfolio and completion of a comprehensive exam.

An elective Life Coaching Certificate can be earned by successfully completing HS 550, HS 551, and HS 552. Those interested in pursuing the Nebraska chemical dependency counseling license (provisional LADC) must take the three electives HS 335, HS 336, and HS 337 – or their equivalent, complete at least 300 hours of internship to obtain the required competencies under a dually-licensed practitioner, and successfully apply for the provisional LMHP before applying for the PLADC.

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