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Master of Fine Arts in Creativity (MFA)

MFA in Creativity

You have a gratifying artistic pursuit and dream of dedicating your life to it. But transforming your talent into a venture that pays the bills isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’re looking for a way to creatively pursue your passion and earn a living, consider our new Master of Fine Arts in Creativity.

No More Starving Artists

Traditional MFA programs focus on perfecting a single area of artistic study. Our new MFA in Creativity is designed to be unique: it blends art, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a way that will prepare you to have a regular, sustainable income.

During this program, you will:

  • Explore the true meaning of creativity.
  • Refine your individual art.
  • Master the risk-taking and market savvy typical of entrepreneurs.
  • Prepare your venture and present it to a team of potential investors.

About the Faculty & Mentors

The MFA was designed by experienced Bellevue University faculty who have a belief in preparing artists to experience the satisfying life that can result from following your passion while earning a living. To design this program, our faculty worked closely with experts in the arts and entrepreneurship fields to ensure you will graduate with the practical knowledge and skills you need to be successful.

A key aspect of your experience in the MFA in Creativity will include supportive relationships with Mentors who have already demonstrated success in their field. Your mentors will coach you, challenge you, and guide you to achieve your specific goals. In addition to these mentors, you will have the opportunity to work with Donna Hewlett, MFA, MA, and Linda Fettig, MS, MA.

How the MFA Works

The MFA in Creativity is a 60 credit hour, low residency program. Along with eight three-month terms of study online coursework and individual mentor collaboration, you will engage in a total of four residencies: two on campus and two virtual. You will have multiple options to choose from for your on campus and virtual residencies, so you have some flexibility.

The major topic areas in the MFA in Creativity are as follows:

  • Visual Architecture potential topic areas include: gaming, simulation, digital photography, 3D animation
  • Functional Designing and Modeling potential topic areas include: interior design, architecture, fashion design, sculpture, painting, pottery, public art, warm glass designs, Victorian stained glass, etc.
  • Art for Performance and Production potential topic areas include: interactive writing (blogs, websites, public relations), music production, theatre production, set design, music, community theatre company and production, etc.
  • Art as Creative Expression includes individual topics for study initiated in student proposals and accepted by the MFA admissions committee. The area of study or "the art" must show the potential for successful outcomes.

Upon completion of this program, you will have a final product and business plan. You will be prepared for a self-sustaining entrepreneurial venture. You will have learned how to create sustainable cash flow through exploration and innovation. By earning the Bellevue University MFA in Creativity, you will be in the rare position of knowing how to apply art in a way that makes it a productive resource to the community and marketplace.

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