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Master of Fine Arts in Creativity (MFA)

Degree Overview

Many artists dream of transforming their talents into a venture that pays the bills. Unlike a traditional MFA, which focuses solely on the artist’s craft, the Bellevue University Master of Fine Arts in Creativity provides the pathway to the real world by blending art, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Our individualized experience combines direction from expert faculty with online coursework, individual mentor collaboration, and virtual and on-campus residencies. Regardless of your area of interest, the Bellevue University MFA will prepare you to take your artistic endeavor to a new level by integrating the study of creativity and entrepreneurship with best practices for running a business or pursuing art commercialization. Upon completion, you will be in the rare position of knowing how to apply art in a way that makes it a productive resource to the community and marketplace.

Learning Outcomes

The Bellevue University Master of Fine Arts (MFA) will enable you to:

  • Apply the true meaning of creativity to a variety of opportunities and refine your individual art for commercial application
  • Master the risk-taking and market savvy typical of entrepreneurs to build a successful venture
  • Develop a final product and business plan, and present to a team of potential investors for guidance and feedback
  • Utilize the essential skills required to market yourself and your business as well as manage a business for sustainable cash flow and growth

A key aspect of your experience in the MFA in Creativity will include supportive relationships with mentors who have already demonstrated success in their field. Your mentors will coach you, challenge you, and guide you to achieve your specific goals.

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