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Test Proctoring Information

Students enrolled in Bellevue University Online Courses that require proctored testing and who do not live in the physical service area of the Bellevue University Test Center must nominate and gain prior approval of a proctor who will monitor course tests. A new proctor nomination form is required for each term and for each class.

Students living within the Greater Omaha metro area must take their tests at the Bellevue University Main Campus Test Center or the Lozier Campus Test Center. You can make an appointment to take a test during our regularly scheduled testing hours by:

  • Logging into BRUIN, and click My Info category.
  • Under Student Resources, click Test Center.
  • Click the Schedule a Test Form link.
  • Complete the required properties for the test and payment type.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Registrations will remain on file for 30 days.

Also, you may schedule your test by stopping by the Test Center located in LCN 522, by emailing, or by calling 402-557-7428.

** All tests must be turned in when the Test Center closes.

Review our video tutorial for scheduling an online or make-up test or download the transcripts.


A proctor is an individual who agrees to receive and administer a student’s test(s) from Bellevue University at the proctor’s business email address. The test(s) will be ethically and professionally administered in a suitable testing environment (e.g., college/library or professional office). The proctor will return the test(s) to the Bellevue University Test Center via fax immediately after administration, and the proctor will mail the exam within one (1) work day of administration to the Bellevue University Test Center.

Proctors certify in writing to the Bellevue University Test Center that the student completed the test according to all of the specific directions provided in the proctor guidelines letter. As the Proctor Nomination Form indicates, the student will identify the specific test(s) the proctor will monitor. Any proctor the student nominates must be acting in the official capacity in one of the following positions:

  • College or University Personnel: Dean, Department Chair, Student Records, Professional Staff Member of an adult/continuing education office or counseling center, Librarian, Professor, or any official testing center personnel if the tests are administered in the center.
  • Armed Forces Education Office Personnel
  • Public or Private School Personnel: Superintendent, Principal, Guidance Counselor, or Librarian.
  • Other: Civil Service Examiner, Librarian for City/County, HR Professional, or Education/Training Coordinator.

*The following persons do not qualify as proctors:

  • Co-workers, someone who reports to you or your immediate supervisor
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives


Students are responsible for identifying, nominating, and making all of the arrangements for the proctoring of their course tests, including the payment of any fees for services and the return of test materials to Bellevue University Test Center (cost of FAX or postage). The proctor must be able to receive the student’s test(s) via email as attachments. The Bellevue University Test Center does not accept Yahoo, AOL, G-mail, Hotmail, or etc. email addresses.

If the student is unable to find a suitable proctor, s/he must contact the Bellevue University Test Center for assistance immediately via email.


Students will use the Proctor Nomination Form for nomination and approval of a proctor. The student will complete the top part of the form for each course s/he is taking, even if the same proctor is used for all tests. The student must click on the submit button for the data to be electronically transmitted to the Bellevue University Test Center.


Proctor nominations must be completed and submitted by the student within two (2) weeks after the course begins. The proctor will be called by the Bellevue University Test Center to verify information. Once the proctor is approved, an email notice will be forwarded to the student.


The Bellevue University Test Center will email the testing materials with specific administration and return instructions to the designated proctor approximately two (2) or three (3) days before the testing date(s). It is the proctor's responsibility to return the materials immediately to the Bellevue University Test Center for grading. The cost of returning the test materials is the student’s responsibility.


If any problems arise with the student’s proctor arrangements, the Test Center must be informed immediately via email or phone: (800) 756-7920 Ext. 557-7427 or (402) 557-7427.

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