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Bellevue University Library Information for Students Taking DSST and CLEP Tests

Dear DSST, CLEP Student:

If you need research materials to help you study for your DSST or CLEP tests please visit the Bellevue University Library. If you are an Outreach Student, please call the Outreach Staff at 402-557-7311, or the Reference Staff at 402-557-7313. We have many of the materials listed as “Reference Publications” on your Fact Sheet/Study Guide and we will be happy to help you find the study materials that you need. However, please be aware of the following:

  • You must be a currently registered student in order to check out materials. If you are not currently registered you may purchase a Community User Card for $40/year and have all the privileges of a registered student. Once you register within a year, you will be credited the amount on your account at the Business Office. Or you may interlibrary loan (borrow) materials from your local public library.
  • Although the Library tries to purchase most of the DSST “Reference Publications”, we cannot have all of them. In many cases any standard text in the subject area is probably appropriate. Please ask for help in locating other texts. What the Library does not own may be interlibrary loaned (borrowed) from another library for a small charge.
  • We have several CLEP books available for circulation and in Reference. We have some subject guides, but any standard text in the subject area is probably appropriate.
  • Sometimes all materials on your subject area may be already checked out. We can put materials on hold for you and once they return we will hold them for you (if you are a registered library patron in good standing), and call you to pick them up. Materials must be picked up within three days. Alternatively we can mail items to you at a cost of $1 per item.
  • You may check out only one recommended DSST book per subject area. Please be considerate of other students and return books on time. Also be aware that you may not renew materials if they are on hold for another student.

We look forward to helping you locate testing materials.

The Library Staff

Thanks for your interest in Bellevue University.

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