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CLEP Testing

You can receive college credit for what you already know by passing CLEP tests. These exams are developed by college faculty committees who design questions based on material typically covered in lower–level college courses. Bellevue University is a National Testing Center that offers more than seventy (70) tests that can be used to obtain college credit. The tests are completed on the computer, and results are immediately available.

Exception: The CLEP College Composition test which is a two (2) part computer based exam. Part I is a 50 minute timed multiple choice test and Part II consists of two essays written about provided topics to be completed in 70 minutes. The total time to complete Part I and Part II is two (2) hours. It takes an average of ten (10) weeks to receive your test results.

CLEP Military Initiative

Military members who are eligible may take CLEP tests without being charged a fee. Through this program, eligible test takers attempting a test title for the first time will not only have their exam fee funded, but the Bellevue University Test Center will also waive the $30 test administrative fee. *Note: Each CLEP test title may only be taken once without a fee being charged. If a retake is required, this will be at the test takers expense.

Additional Important Information:

  • Please check with your academic advisor prior to taking any of these exams to ensure the test meets your degree requirements.
  • We recommend that you take only one (1) and no more than two (2) tests in one day.
  • CLEP scores are Pass/Fail; they do NOT affect GPA.
  • Credits earned do not count toward the 60 credits of in-residence classes required to be eligible for academic honors.
  • If you wish to transfer scores to another institution, contact that institution for their policy on testing for college credits.
  • Only correct answers are scored, guessing is advised.
  • If you fail a CLEP test you must wait 90 days before you are eligible to retake the same test title.

Calculator Usage:

  • The following CLEP exams have an online calculator available for student use:
    • Calculus
    • College Algebra
    • College Math
    • Precalculus

No personal calculators are permitted.

Test Details:

Our CLEP listing shows the tests we offer, the amount of credit you can earn at Bellevue University for specific tests, required passing scores, and other helpful information.

CLEP tests are computer–based and timed for 90 minutes except for the College Composition Exam mentioned above.

For CLEP study resources:

For CLEP exam details, sample questions, and study resources:

Test Session Information:

In order to take a CLEP test, you must present your CLEP test Ticket ID, and two (2) forms of personal identification. The primary form of identification must be a government-issued photo ID card that bears your signature. The secondary form of ID must have a photo and/or signature. Military candidates must present a current military ID and a second form of government–issued photo ID. Your score report shows the total scaled score for each exam taken. Total scaled scores fall between 20 and 80. To learn more, download What Your CLEP Score Means.

The Bellevue University Library professionals will be glad to assist you with materials needed to successfully prepare for your tests.

How to Register for a CLEP Exam

To take a CLEP test you need to (1) pay the $80 CLEP fee, and (2) pay the Bellevue University Proctoring fee.


Students pay the $80 CLEP fee when setting up a personal account and registering your test with CLEP. You create and manage your personal CLEP account by clicking on this link: My Account.

In your personal account you can register for a CLEP exam 24/7, manage your personal information, search for test centers, select what school will receive your scores, and purchase study materials.

*If you need to change what test you need to take, you will do this through My Account.

When you come in to take your test, the Bellevue University Test Center team members are unable to change the CLEP test you want to take.

More information about the CLEP process review: How to register for a CLEP exam and CLEP information for test takers booklet


After you have completed the CLEP registration process, you must contact the Bellevue University Test Center to schedule your CLEP test, and pay the Bellevue University test proctoring fee.

If you are a Bellevue University student, you may schedule your CLEP test and pay the proctoring fee by logging into your BRUIN account:

  • Logging into BRUIN, and click My Info category.
  • Under Student Resources, click Test Center.
  • Click the Schedule a Test Form link.
  • Complete the required properties for the test and payment type.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Registrations will remain on file for 30 days.

Please note the statements below which you will need to check before your request to schedule can be submitted:

  • There are no refunds for test fees.
  • Your request expires after 30 days.
  • After the first reschedule/ no show there will be a $15 fee for each reschedule/no show.

If you are NOT a Bellevue University student, please call the Bellevue University Test Center to schedule your CLEP test and pay the $30 test proctoring fee at 1-402-557-7428 or 1-800-756-7920 ext. 557-7428.


NOTE: All CLEP Testing is at the Main Campus Test Center

December 2014

  • Wednesday, 12/3/14 at 10am
  • Thursday, 12/4/14 at 5pm
  • Wednesday, 12/17/14 at 1pm

January 2015

  • Thursday, 1/8/15 at 5pm
  • Saturday, 1/10/15 at 9am
  • Wednesday, 1/14/15 at 1pm
  • Thursday, 1/15/15 at 5pm

February 2015

  • Wednesday, 2/4/15 at 1pm
  • Thursday, 2/5/15 at 5pm
  • Thursday, 2/12/15 at 5pm
  • Saturday, 2/14/15 at 9am

March 2015

  • Wednesday, 3/11/15 at 1pm
  • Thursday, 3/12/15 at 5pm
  • Thursday, 3/26/15 at 5pm

Review our video tutorial for scheduling a CLEP test or download the transcripts.

If you are a Bellevue University distance learning student, here you can find a listing of CLEP test centers that administer exams in your area.

If you need additional assistance, please send us an e-mail.

Bellevue University's CLEP score recipient number is:

CLEP #6053

Please consult with your Academic Advisor before you register for a test! Any duplication of classroom work with a CLEP test may result in no credits.

Grading & Scores

Computer based exams are scored immediately upon completion.

Exception: The CLEP College Composition Exam results take approximately 10 weeks to receive. Scores of tests taken with us are usually posted to your Bellevue University transcript within fifteen (15) business days.

Thanks for your interest in Bellevue University.

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