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Writing FAQs

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  • How do I write an essay?
  • How do I find a topic?
  • How can I narrow my topic?
  • What is a thesis statement?
  • Why do I need an outline?
  • How do I clarify my organizational plan?
  • How can I make a smooth transition?
  • How do I start my essay?
  • Why do I need an introduction?
  • What can I include in my introduction?
  • Why do I need a conclusion?
  • How can I conclude my paper without repeating what I've already said?
  • My paper isn't long enough. How do I make it longer?
  • What are the most important and least important concerns to keep in mind when writing?
  • How can I write more concisely?
  • How do I choose a title?
  • How should I format the title of my essay?
  • How should I format my paper?
  • How can I proofread better?
  • What is the difference between revision and proofreading?
  • When do I use a/an and when do I use the?
  • How do I correct an awkward sentence?
  • How do I correct run-on sentences?
  • What is a sentence fragment?
  • What is a tense shift?
  • What is subject/verb agreement?
  • What is parallelism?
  • What are comma splices, and how do I correct them?
  • When should I use commas?
  • How do I summarize?
  • How do I write a critique?
  • What is a synthesis?
  • Where do I find sources for my research paper?
  • How can I rephrase my sources more substantially in my own words?
  • When should I use citations?
  • How do I cite a Web site?
  • How do I use internal documentation to refer to a Web page?
  • How do I keep my paper focused, rather than just reporting one source after another and creating an unsynthesized lump of information?

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