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Student Organizations

Joining a student organization is a simple process...and a rewarding one. Organizations provide you a peer group of students with similar interests; which can become a support system for your educational journey, an outlet to be engaged in the campus community, or to simply have some fun! Students participating in organizations gain a host of skills and leadership experiences to enhance their educational or career goals and networks. Below are the clubs and organizations that are active at Bellevue University, as well as the contacts to request more information. If you have an idea for a new club, please click here Student Experience (Course & Service Feedback) and choose Concern/Feedback from the drop down menu to inquire about the process of starting a club and submit for consideration.

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Alpha Chi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Roxanne Sullivan


  • Alpha Chi is a national college honors society that is by invitation only based on a student's academic achievement.

BU Mix

Staff Advisor: Alaina Smith


  • The mission of BU MIX is to engage all types of students in sharing their cultural experiences and learning from one another. BU MIX brings together students from all different backgrounds to focus on social awareness and celebration of diversity across campus. This organization welcomes students of all ethnicities, all cultures, and all interests.

Campus Crusade for Christ

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Youssef


  • To provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible; worship, and pray all in a group setting, which provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual development among members.

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Faculty Advisor: Monica McElhaney

Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Nye

Website: IMA


  • To introduce business concepts to students planning professional careers,
  • To strengthen the knowledge and commitment of those pursuing business careers
  • To demonstrate how IMA members work together for the continued improvement of their professional careers , and
  • Learn the value of volunteerism and being part of a team through community involvement.

International Association of Emergency Managers

Faculty Advisor: Dave Points

Website: IAEM


IAEM is dedicated to promoting the "Principles of Emergency Management" and representing professionals whose goals are saving lives, protecting property, and the environment during emergencies and disasters. The mission of IAEM is to serve its members by providing information, networking and professional opportunities, and to advance the emergency management profession.

Nebraska Association of Emergency Managers

Faculty Advisor: Dave Points

Website: NAEM


NAEM is a professional organization that promotes and supports emergency management partnerships with public & private agencies for preservation of life safety and property and for the purpose of developing disaster resilient communities.

Order of the Sword & Shield

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Crosston

Website: OSS


The Order of the Sword and Shield is a national honor society that recognizes the scholastic and professional achievements of students and alumni from institutions granting diplomas, associate and baccalaureate degrees, graduate degrees, or their equivalents, in the fields of homeland security, intelligence, emergency management and protective security. The society shall also recognize the significant professional achievements of individuals working in the fields of homeland security, intelligence, emergency management and protective security.

The mission of the Society shall be to promote critical thinking, high scholarship and professional development; to further enhance the ethical standards of the protective security professions; and to cultivate a high order of personal living. The core values of the Society are ethics, excellence, knowledge, and peace. The motto of the Society is "ex scientia pax" which means, "out of knowledge comes peace".

Pi Gamma Mu – International Honor Society in Social Science

Faculty Advisor: Pat Artz

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Byers


  • To encourage the study of the social sciences among graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members in colleges and universities throughout the world.
  • To recognize outstanding achievement through election to membership and the presentation of various awards for distinguished achievement.

Sigma Beta Delta- Honors Society for Business Schools

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jena Shafai

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Levy

Website: SBD


The mission of Sigma Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote aspirations toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind. Sigma Beta Delta was established to honor students who have attained superior records in business programs in schools and colleges with regional accreditation.

Student Veterans Association

Contact information:
Faculty Advisors: Bob Gregory and Laurel Mitchell

Bellevue University's Student Veterans Association - the first in Nebraska - is sponsored by our Military Affairs Department and joins over 200 chapters nationwide.

Membership is limited to Bellevue University's current or former students, alumni, and their spouses, who are active-duty, retired, disabled, prior-service, National Guard or Reserve. Either online, or in person, members provide support, guidance, career and professional advice and friendship to one another and their families.

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