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Whether you are online or on campus for class, there is a great way to connect with other Bellevue University Students and Alumni, while staying up to date on campus events, and University news. Over 5000 Bellevue University students and alumni are connecting through Linkedin, Facebook and MySpace. On twitter, we have over 2500 followers who want the latest scoop on Bellevue University. Here is where you can find online Social Networks for Bellevue University:

Bellevue University on Linked In

What is LinkedIn? A professional network with over 100 million users looking to connect or re-connect with colleagues and classmates, make career connections and ask or answer industry related questions. New to Linkedin, learn about how to set up your account, and be a more effective member at

Linked in Official Alumni Group for Bellevue University

Alumni of Bellevue University are welcome to join this group. If you are not currently a LinkedIn member, you will be required to set up a page.

Student Group on Linkedin

Current students of Bellevue University are welcome to join this group. If you are not currently a LinkedIn member, you will be required to set up a page.

Student Veterans Organization (SVO) on Linkedin

This group is for the Student Veterans Organization at Bellevue University. If you are not currently a LinkedIn member, you will be required to set up a page.

Career Services Group on Linkedin

The purpose of this group is to connect current students with alumni who are working in their career field for mentoring and networking purposes; to answer career and job search related questions; and provide information on new internship and employment opportunities. Let the Career Services Center know what other kinds of things you would like to see covered.

Bellevue University on Facebook

Not familiar with Facebook? Facebook is a social network where people can connect with their friends based on a series of Networks. Users can upload photos and videos, share links, use relevant applications and join groups for their interests. Privacy settings are available for each users comfort level.

Bellevue University Facebook Fan Page - Become a Fan!

Military and Veteran Support Team

Brutus Bruin

Bellevue University Alumni

Bellevue University Library

Check out the main Bellevue University Facebook for the latest news and networking opportunities. Post questions, see campus photos, and watch funny videos.

Bellevue University on Twitter

What is Twitter? Twitter is the micro-blogging site that lets people communicate in quick exchanges. With select applications, many people like the ability to access twitter from their mobile phones.

Bellevue University Twitter Page

BU Bruins Athletics Page

Bellevue University Alumni Page

Follow us on Twitter for updates on campus events, schedule info and more. Or message us a question, and we'll tweet back!

Bellevue University on YouTube

Haven't been to YouTube? YouTube is not just the largest worldwide video-sharing community. It is one of the most popular search engines in the world. We are pleased to have a presence on it.

Bellevue University's YouTube Channel

We are building out a comprehensive channel with videos featuring athletics, academics, programs, and some just for fun! You can subscribe to our channel, or simply view the videos you find interesting.

Bellevue University on Google+

Google+ is a new social network that makes connecting on the web similar to how we connect in the real world. Share your thoughts, links, videos and photos with one of your circles or all of your circles. Use video chat to strike up conversations with up to nine people at once so you can share with who you want, when you want.

Bellevue University on Google+

Add us to your circles to get updates on campus happenings!

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