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Continuing & Professional Education at Bellevue University


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  • How do I enroll?

    In order to enroll, an application with payment (if required) must be submitted. Once submitted, a "Thank You" page will appear listing those courses covered by your submitted payment. You will also receive an email notification listing this information. We encourage you to print these notifications for your records to assist you with course registration.

  • What if I apply for a course but change my mind or accidently register for a different course or additional courses?

    You will only be able to enroll in the course(s) that you selected on your application. If an application error has been made for the wrong course(s), please notify immediately. If you wish to enroll in additional courses, a new application will need to be completed.


  • How do I pay?

    Payment for Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) offerings are made electronically through the application. Most major credit cards are accepted. Click on the following link to make a payment online: Make a Payment Online.

  • What are the refund policies?

    There are no refunds. Effective 12:00 AM Central Time of the first day of any applied course, the non-credit course offering is considered purchased and there will be no refunds. If you have applied in error and it is before the first day of the offering, you must contact to correct your application or withdrawal.

  • How much do courses cost?

    Under "Academic Information" you will be asked to select your desired educational offering. The tuition will be listed in parentheses behind the offering name. If payment is required, a "Payment Information" section will automatically appear. The application is not complete without payment and electronic signature.


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