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Continuing Professional Education

Continuing & Professional Education

Whether you’re seeking to advance on your career path or simply keep your job skills current, Bellevue University can help with solution-focused continuing and professional education services. As a leader in organizational development and credentialed careers, Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) provides customized non-credit solutions in the areas of: leadership, human services, information technology, and advanced facilities engineering.

Bellevue University is known as a solution-provider for organizational development needs and for certified professionals continued practice. Bellevue University offers world class expertise in online learning with published subject matter experts to support your organizational development needs.

Why should Human Resource Professionals, Senior Managers, or Certified Professionals consider Bellevue University Continuing & Professional Education (CPE)?

  • High return on investment with long-term benefit: CPE offers cost-effective, high-value services designed to meet specific organizational needs. Addressing human capital organizational needs is critical for growth during tough economic times.
  • Customized programs tied to specific outcomes: Bellevue University subject matter experts work with organizations to develop unique programs that address strategic development needs. This ensures the outcomes you require are produced.
  • Employee engagement with real results: Students came away with skills that can be applied at work immediately. Employees emerge with more confidence, increasing retention, and building organizational strength through shared experiences of problem solving and knowledge share.

For more information, please send an email to:

  • Dr. Michelle Kempke Eppler
  • Dean, Continuing & Professional Education
  • 402-557-7010

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