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Bellevue University Reports Success of Nation's First Flexxive® Degree Program

Bellevue University, an award-winning leader in educating adult learners, was first to market with a learning model designed to tackle the issues of rising costs of higher education, ever increasing levels of student debt, and the widening gap in skills and workplace readiness. Today, Bellevue University announced students around the world have successfully completed the first six-month term of the Flexxive® Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, under this revolutionary model.

Students and professors involved with the Flexxive® program said that the first six-month term of the BBA program was a success. Jesse Pickerill, an active duty member of the Marine Corps, is completing his degree while deployed in Afghanistan. Pickerill started a traditional degree program out of high school, but it was not for him. After joining the Marine Corps, serving four years, and being deployed in Afghanistan, Pickerill came across Bellevue University's Flexxive® degree program.

"Without the Flexxive® learning model, I would not be enrolled in any college courses and would be out of a job next September with no degree," Pickerill said. "With this program, I am able to balance an extremely volatile work schedule with the course work. If I can complete this program while deployed in Afghanistan, anyone can find time in their schedules to complete this program, gain a degree, and the knowledge necessary to succeed in the business world."

Pickerill cites flexibility of courses and the engagement of instructors as the key factors behind the success of the Flexxive® program. "Luckily, the instructors reached out to me and showed that they cared for how I was progressing through the program," Pickerill said. "For being a completely online program, I have been thoroughly impressed by the level of engagement with the instructors."

The Flexxive® model allows students to earn a degree for $250 per credit hour, a significantly lower cost compared with existing traditional and online degree programs. The model also offers students courses at a flat-rate price when they take more than 12 semester hours per term. Additionally, the Flexxive® model offers students additional savings by having all required readings available online, saving students the cost of renting books.

"The value of earning a college degree is immeasurable when looking for work in today's economy," said Dr. Mary B. Hawkins, President of Bellevue University. "However the costs associated with a typical degree program make it hard for many to further their education. The Flexxive® model has provided educational success for many Americans by presenting degree programs that prepare students for success in the workplace at a far more affordable cost."

The unparalleled flexibility of Bellevue University's learning model allows students to personalize their experience by progressing at their own pace during six-month terms. Students are able to move quickly through areas of strength and build new skills at their own pace, which differs from other learning models that allow students to advance without really gaining the skills needed for future success.

"The flexibility offered through Flexxive® allows busy adults to balance earning a degree with other obligations in their lives," Dr. Hawkins said. "Working adults need the flexibility to earn at their own pace and on their own terms."

Pickerill also cites the flexibility as a reason the learning model is successful. While completing classes in a non-traditional setting&emdash;including being deployed overseas&emdash;the Marine cited the ability to move through the material at his own pace as an advantage.

"Another big advantage to the Flexxive® program that I enjoy is that I am able to work at my own pace," Pickerill said. "With the Flexxive® program, I am able to breeze through the sections that do not challenge me and spend more time to completely understand the challenging material."

More degrees will be introduced under the Flexxive® learning model in the future, including the Advanced Manufacturing in the Business Enterprise (AMBE), which launches in April 2014. For more information on the Flexxive® program, click here.

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