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Bellevue University in McCook, Nebraska


  • Q: Where are you located in McCook?

    A: Bellevue University is located on the campus of McCook Community College, a division of Mid-Plains Community College, 1205 East Third Street.

  • Q: How long has Bellevue University been offering classes in McCook?

    A: Bellevue University has been offering career-relevant degree programs to McCook residents since 2003.

  • Q: How does the bachelor's degree completion program work?

    A: Students who enter a Bellevue University degree completion program should have an associate's degree or about 60 credit hours. This ensures that all students in the program have the academic background necessary to tackle the content of the major area of study. It also ensures that your classmates have the same level of preparation that you do.

    You are assigned to your program with your class. You then move through the program with that same class until completion of your major. This takes approximately 16 months.

    All undergraduate students at Bellevue University also are required to take a cluster of courses on American Vision and Values called the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. The Signature Series takes three months to complete.

  • Q: I see Bellevue University degrees are based on semester credit hours and other universities (typically community colleges) use quarter credit hours. Is there a difference – and, if so, what is the difference?

    A: This is an important question because without understanding the difference between semester credit hours and quarter credit hours, it’s difficult to compare tuition rates among universities.

    Generally, one semester credit hour is equal to 1 ½ quarter credit hours. So one course at Bellevue University is typically 3 semester credit hours, and an equivalent course at a university with quarter credit hours would be 4 ½ quarter credit hours. (That’s why a full bachelor’s degree requires more credit hours at quarter hour institutions.)

    It affects the price you pay, too. If both universities charge $100 per credit hour, a 3 semester credit hour course would cost $300, but the same course at a quarter hour university would cost $450.

  • Q: You mentioned "cost-effective and time-saving options for earning credit." What are those?

    A: Chief among cost-effective ways of earning credit are CLEP and DSST examinations. Both of these organizations offer a series of for-credit exams, which give you the opportunity to demonstrate college-level learning by passing a 90-minute, multiple choice examination. CLEP and DSST exams are offered at numerous locations across the country, including many college and university campuses. The Bellevue University campus is the site of the most CLEP tests administered in the United States.

    Additionally, Bellevue University offers many single courses online in our ONCourse program. The ONCourse classes are delivered on the Cyber-Active® Learning platform - which means they're easy to access and available 24/7.

    Many students choose to take electives at MPCC for a cost saving option to complete those courses and earn credits toward graduation

    Bellevue University recognizes that college-level learning can be achieved in many ways. We have the ability to assess learning you have gained on the job or through other life experience for college credit. We also award college credit for many professional certifications and corporate training programs.

  • Q: How many credits are required for undergraduate graduation?

    A: Bellevue University requires 127 credits for graduation. Students in the degree completion program typically start with 60 credit hours. The major is 36 credit hours, and the Signature Series is another 9 credit hours. That leaves an additional 22 credit hours that must be completed. Many students find that these can be earned through work experience they already have, certifications, corporate training, and/or for-credit examinations, such as CLEP or DSST.

  • Q: Do Bellevue University faculty have advanced degrees?

    A: All Bellevue University online faculty have master's or doctoral degrees. Further, all have participated in Bellevue University's online learning school, which gives them the background and tools they need to be effective online teachers. Additionally, many of the online faculty currently work professionally in their area of teaching, so you can be assured they understand what's relevant to today's work world.

  • Q: How often do I have to be online for class?

    A: Students must post homework assignments weekly. This assures us that you are assimilating the learning offered, can apply it to your work situation, and are keeping pace with your class. Most of our students log on far more than once a week, however. In fact, Bellevue University students have among the highest volume of online content posted by students.

    When you log on during the week is entirely up to you. You choose the time of day or night - and from where you log on. You have total access to your class information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Q: What if I need study references?

    A: You have access to one of the largest academic libraries in the world - via your computer. Start with access to the Bellevue University library collection of more than 100,000 volumes, and 5,200 current periodical titles. You also can access many more reference works through Internet Subscription Databases and reciprocal agreements with numerous other libraries - all available online 24/7.

  • Q: What kind of computer do I need? What if I'm not a techie?

    A: You need not be computer-savvy to study online at Bellevue University. Our Cyber-Active® Learning Classroom is easy to enter and easy to participate in. And, if you need technical assistance, our Online Learning Student Service Representatives are available for support.

    Bellevue University's online classes are delivered through an easy-to-use, Web-based course management tool. You will need a computer with a minimum 32MB RAM, Windows 95® or higher, an Internet provider, and an email address to access the web.

  • Q: How much is tuition at Bellevue University?

    A: Bellevue University offers competitive tuition rates. Click here for the current tuition rates.

  • Q: What if I need financial aid?

    A: Bellevue University works very hard to assure that financial need is not a deterrent for anyone seeking a college education. Nearly 70% of our undergraduate students receive financial aid of one kind or another. Our financial aid specialists will work with you to help assure you receive the financial aid to which you are entitled.

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